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:bulletblack:If you're a fan of Mass Effect and you drew a FAN character to ME universe this club is for you.:bulletblack:

:bulletorange: the club was created to store original character, random characters and concept arts.
:bulletorange: If the new character is featured with already existing character (like Shepard) it is allowed.
:bulletorange: Art dumps are also welcome.
:bulletorange: Nudity allowed.


:star:Folders with Races:
These folder also include:
- Quarians without enviro-suits
- Concept are of women and children
*If you need additional race folder like for example for a AI character, let me now I'll add it right away.

Here you can sumbit fan arts with more than one character (mixed couples and such) and art dumps.

:star:Strips, comics and memes:
It's self-explanatory.

:star:In-universe games, movies and magazines:
This folder is for concept arts of in-universe entertainment like Vaenia, Fleet and Flotilla, Blasto, Galaxy of Fantasy or Fornax.

:star:Tutorials and Bases:
It's self-explanatory.

:star:Body Models:
3D models that were used in Mass Effect Trilogy.

It's self-explanatory.

It's self-explanatory.

It's self-explanatory.

We do not accept arts with "fan made" races, hybrids and arts of alternative universes!


:bulletorange:RPG FORUMS:bulletorange:

ME Originality ChatRoom:…

:bulletblack: ME-RPG forum (fr):…
:bulletblack: RPG PBF forum (eng):…
:bulletblack: ME-RPG topic (pl):…
:bulletblack: ME-RPG forum (eng):…
:bulletblack: RPG BioWare (eng):…
:bulletblack: ME RP forum (eng):
:bulletblack: ME RP forum (pl):…
:bulletblack: ME RPG forum (eng):


Group founded 11.10.10

Gallery Folders

Artemus: Welcome to Andromeda by CrazySuperior
Mass effect- No technical difficulties by WinterSpectrum
Asari by Selann
Defenders of Thessia by ynorka
Rest on the Citadel by Kassa-aka-Kira
ME:I - Kyrian McManus by XanaToast
ancient shadow by HelavisKrew
Group Photo (COMMISSION) by squarerootofdestiny
Strips, comics and memes
Coda Crop by JesterDK
ME Hermes Crew free time by WinterSpectrum
Shiny 3: New Years Party by JesterDK

Mature Content

Book 1: Starquake Comic pg11 by YunikoYokai
In-universe games, movies and magazines
Mass effect- Fleet and Flotilla by WinterSpectrum
Blasto by shallete
Club Afterlife by Natesquatch
Elcor Hamlet by Tamarandom
Tutorials and Bases
Turian Female Lineart by RyadrusTheWolfDragon
Female Turian Head Lineart [Free to Use!] by JesterDK
P 2 U Base | Chibi Turian with customization by TheRapace
Turian Calligraphy Lines [FREE!] by JesterDK
Body Models
Turian Head - Model Reference by Troodon80
Full Body Turian - Model Reference by Troodon80
Mass Effect, Turian Medium Phantom-Duellist Armour by Troodon80
Mass Effect, Turian Liberator Armour Ref by Troodon80
Asari by JHKris
kalra - Comm by IZRA
Sinora by wizjer
Lysaia portrait by ynorka
Felicia Valir (OC) - HumanDrell Hybrid by Leo-Fina
Seith Ket'tu Bust by NuclearZombie18
Teron Sivar (OC) by Leo-Fina
Kaed Sian (OC) by Leo-Fina
Precious Daisy by goodfoot1971
Early Elcor sculpt by goodfoot1971
Birthday Elcor by Kikane
Eireen + Tumult - Mass Effect OCs by OhSynapse
[ME] Alani by Chenria
Jeanette Walker - Mass Effect OC by Catniptastic
Concept art Pilote01 by UberPizzaParty
Commission: Jonathan Sinassas by ultema
Salarian by JHKris
Commission - Anton Ardak by DavinArfel
Turian sketch by Magdalene-Cross
Krach (COMMISSION) by squarerootofdestiny
Quarian Sketch by Magdalene-Cross
Raloi Race by Leo-Fina
Pompous Volus by TheJaporican
Happy Face Hanar by fakefrogs
- Geth Engineer - by Panoptos
Blood Pack goons by JHKris
Professor yahg by garrus368
c150 Zancore by BlastedKing
Higgins, Rachni Soldier Squad Member by TheKidIsGreen
Paruminas 2 by goodfoot1971
Alliance Tyrant by NeoMetalSonic360
Wait for me~ by Megume

Mature Content



:bulletblue: An issue has come to my attention, so I will address it now. Artworks that are submitted to the group are not free to use. (I'm especially talking about people who run their RP games and use works of others as their avatars) Please contact the author of the piece if you like the picture and you want to use it. Because it leads to unpleasant conversations and accusations of copyright infringements.  

:bulletblue: This point is directed mainly to our newest members. Please read the rules and don't submit your Shepards. This group is dedicated to original characters only. If you don't know what that mean, google it. And don't argue that those are "fan characters". I'm tired of hearing that original characters are the ones in the trilogy, so every fan character can be submitted here. I won't discuss it again.  

:bulletblue: To continue the OC subject I have a request to all people submitting Human OCs. I beg you, write in the description that it's a an OC. Cause sometimes it's really hard to determine if it's an OC or your Shepard.  

:bulletblue: Don't submit the same deviation 30 times or more. If the admins are online they will accept the submission immediately. If not, patiently wait for the approval.  

:bulletblue: Because of increasing number of Reaper OCs we just opened a Reapers folder. Enjoy.

More Journal Entries









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Mass Effect: Machinations - A Fan Roleplay

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Thanks for adding my gethy bb trash geth juggernaut OC to your group~! It means a lot ~!
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can we affiliate with :iconsc-monarch: It's going to be a Mass Effect rping group for original characters ; v; 
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Is it something I can fix?
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Thank you for adding my elcor family! It's a real honor to not only get noticed, but to have my work get added with amazing artists.
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Thanks for adding my silly Elcor Hamlet doodle :-)
I also have a Solus around well as Samara!
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thanks for adding my art to gallery :3 your group is interesting ^^
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